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Video of the Art

     48" x 24"x1 1/2" 


              Thank you for taking              

your valuable to visit my site!

I oil paint and I am a photographer.

Above are three examples of my work.

The first image In front room is

an original plein air oil painting that

I painted on location at a surf spot in

Laguna Beach, Ca called "Rock Pile."

It is on stretched canvas and

available as a Giclee Print.

The second image

in the living room with the couch

is a hand etched manipulated

Polaroid Photograph In

Newport Beach, California also

available as a Giclee Print.

Third are two vertical abstracts below the room, 

They are original epoxy fluid art works on Da Vinci wood panels.

24"x48"x1 1/2"

There are many more

to see just click the menu.

God Bless you!  

Respectful regards, Kirk Phillips / Artist

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