Video of the sail boat to watch an

 animation of the original painting.

Video of the Art


     48" x 24"x1 1/2" 


              Thank you for taking              

your valuable to visit my site!

I oil paint and I am a photographer.

Above are examples of my work.

Click "MORE" in the menu

to see other works of mine.

The first image In front room is

an original plein air oil painting that

I painted on location at a surf spot in

Laguna Beach, Ca called "Rock Pile."

It is on stretched canvas and

available as a Giclee Print.

The second image

in the living room with the couch

is a hand etched manipulated

Polaroid Photograph In

Newport Beach, California also

available as a Giclee Print.

Third are two vertical abstracts

below the room are original epoxy fluid art

works on Da Vinci wood panels.

24"x48"x1 1/2"

There are many more

to see just click the menu.

God Bless you!  

Respectful regards, Kirk Phillips / Artist

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